Summer museum

Educational fun for everyone at the museum this summer!

Fun activities for children
Those who draw, see more! We have drawing paper and pencils. Or maybe you would like to look for ‘ship rats’? Or figureheads? For those who enjoy making things, we run a creative workshop where you can build your own rubber band boat (20 June-20 August). We have a fun trail in the local environment that encourages visitors to explore the museum’s surroundings.

Film about a spectacular Viking burial 
We recommend watching the film ‘The Viking Burial’ about a ship burial from the Viking Age that was found in Western Norway. The film is produced by the local company Arkikon (duration 22 minutes, Norwegian speech, English subtitles).

Join a guided tour
Daily guided tours during the high season (20 June-20 August). Read more here

New temporary exhibition about Cruise Destination Bergen
Bergen has, for the most part, been the biggest cruise port in Norway since the 1880s. Millions of tourists have come to Bergen to see the city and surrounding nature, learn about its history and see the sights. 

The exhibition provides an insight into the life of cruise port Bergen over the course of 140 years. It addresses the local interest in the industry, the marketing of Bergen and how cruise tourists and cruise ship crews have experienced the city.

Explore our beautiful surroundings 
The museum building is an architectural gem of stone and glass, in a central location in a peaceful and virtually car-free neighbourhood on the university campus. Within walking distance of the city centre, the museum offers a break from busy city life. The area around the museum is perfect for exploration and recreation, with other museums, parks and cafés nearby.